This is a Sickness and Sickness will End

by Crusades



released March 7, 2017

Recorded in Spring 2016 by Mike Bond
at Wolf Lake Studios (Lac-Des-Loups, QC)
with assistance from J-P Ramses Van Sadek

Additional Recording by Jordan Bell
at Atomic Audio (Ottawa, ON)

Mixed by Matt Bayles
at Red Room Recording (Seattle, WA)

Mastered by Martin Bowitz
at Strype Audio (Oslo, Norway)

Production Assistance from Martin Bowitz & Jørgen Larsen
at Malabar Studio (Oslo, Norway)

Artwork by Niclas Mortenson

Crusades is

Jordan Bell - Drums & Vocals
Skottie Lobotomy - Bass & Vocals
Emmanuel Sayer - Guitar & Vocals
Dave Williams - Guitar & Vocals + Additional Instrumentation


tags: punk Ottawa


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Track Name: 1590 (Sickness Never Ceasing)
The course that lay before us
Forked and weeping venom
Looming crescent quite insistent
Both be explored

While differing in distance
Kindred finish within them
Unspoken vows on broken boughs
Petitions ignored

‘Don't say words you're
Going to regret
Don't let the fire
Rush to your head’

Chasms left in their wake
Contrasting in nature
Sands of time shall soon restore them
Rest assured

Paths traveled in hindsight
Similar in feature
Clarion collective vision
Forever blurred

‘Golden locks
Time to silver turned
Time too swift
Swiftness never ceasing

Youth against time and age
Forever spurned
But spurned in vain
Waning by increasing’
Track Name: 1828 (Father of Waves)
Gravely profound
Her woe is foreign
Marrow corrupt
Poisoned by mourning

His gestures cold
Eyes stone and stoic
His glower parched
Feigning heroic

‘A memory in motion
Only passing through
All you'll ever know
All you'll ever do’

Horizons bleak
A lightless vision
Detach, defeat
A clash collision

Her comforts gone
She risks exposure
He ambles on
Callous composure

‘The voice that spoke of other days
Is hushed within his breast
But mine its lonely music haunts
And will not let me rest

It sings a low and mournful song
Of gladness that is gone
I cannot live without that light
Father of waves roll on’
Track Name: 1713 (The Scorching Fevers)
The vex within these vows
The hex upon this house
These withered, unsure hands
Could be my own

Paper, splitting skin
Clinging to frail bone
Rings that sprung eternal
Now home

‘The scorching fevers
Which distract the sense
And snatch us raving
Unprepared, from hence

At thy contagious darts
That wound the heads
Of weeping friends
Who wait at dying beds’
Track Name: 1940 (Whirr and Chime)
Huddled like urchins
Moaning and mourning
The future
We'd always envisioned

Floating unhindered
Others' seams
Seemingly splitting
At convenient distance

‘All the clocks in the city
Began to whirr and chime

O let not time deceive you
You cannot conquer time'

'It was late
Late in the evening
The lovers they were gone

The clocks
Had ceased their chiming
The deep river ran on'

Until the ceaseless hands
Expose our vulnerability
Tales of woe
And abstract sympathy
Track Name: 1866 (Porch and Portal)
Plunge into imbalance
Ice beneath in floes
Unstable existence
Serving sentence
Endless woes

‘Pale, beyond porch and portal
Crowned with calm leaves she stands
Who gathers all things mortal
With cold, immortal hands’

Saviour came as sinner
Horizontal events
‘Desperate plea
For recognition
And recompense’

How long will we carry on?
Track Name: 1846 (Once Drinking Deep)
How did we sleep at all
Without burning up?
How did we dream at all
Without burning up?

‘Then did I check
The tears of useless passion
Weaned my soul
From yearning after thine

Sternly denied
Its burning wish to hasten
Down to that tomb
Already more than mine’

‘And even yet
I dare not let it languish
Dare not indulge
In memory’s pain

Once drinking deep
Of that divinest anguish
How could I seek
The empty world again?’
Track Name: 1657 (Black Curtains Draw)
The salt and soil have settled
The hymns escaped the air
The view of home obstructed
And returns in turn now rare

A shadow of itself
And he about the same
Eyes that shone so brilliant
Now perplexed and without aim

‘So close the ground
About her shade
Black curtains draw
My bride is laid’

How is your faith now, Father?
Do you still trust she'll be there?
How she appeared within our dreams
Through that harrowing year?

I want to believe
You’re better than this
I need to believe you’re better
I know you need
To forget that time
I know you need to forget her

The course that lay before us
Differing in distance