'Give Back - Volume One' Compilation

by Crusades



From “Give Back Vol 1 – A Benefit for Chintimini Wildlife Center” compilation. Free with Brain Strom Zine, Issue #2.

100% of this compilation’s proceeds benefit The Chintimini Wildlife Center (CWC) in Corvallis, OR. CWC cares for approximately 700 animals a year, at an average cost of $100 per animal. They are dependent on donations and receive no funds from federal, state, county or city agencies.


released February 1, 2012

Remixed by Jordan Bell @ Atomic Audio.
Expanded (strings and keys) and Remastered by Dave Williams @ Rock Among Us.


tags: punk Ottawa


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Track Name: Becky (Welkin At Dusk Remix)
For every filthy word, vision blurred, prayer unheard
For every clouded mind, thought confined, life left behind

For every tear you shamed out of them, a river you will shed
For every fear you drove into them, a river raging red

(We’re making heroes out of warlocks)

We’re tearing you down