Parables EP

by Crusades



It’s Alive Records in North America
Destructure Records in Europe


released July 1, 2012

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered in May 2012
by Mike Bond at Pebble Studios
Layout by Dave Williams


all rights reserved


Track Name: Parable I
How could we wipe the horizon away?
How could we drink up the sea?
How could we unchain Earth from its Sun?
We're plunging continually.

Do we not feel the breath of space?
Is night not closing in?
Is not this deed too great?
We're straying through nothing.

What rites of atonement shall we have to invent?
Must we become Gods to be worthy of it?
Is not this greatness too great to repent?
Must we become Gods to be worthy of it?

Do we not feel?
Track Name: Parable II
Is not the night always closing in?
God is dead and so remains.

The madman jumped into their midst.
He pierced them with his eyes.
'Whither is our God?' he cried.
'We've killed him - you and I.'

The madman, silent, looked again.
They, silent, stared at him.
He threw his lantern to the ground.
It broke to pieces, flaming out.
'It has not reached the ears of men.'

Lightning and thunder require time.
The light of stars requires time.
Deeds, though done, still require time.

Gods, too, decompose.

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