Crusades EP

by Crusades



1st Pressing: 300 on Black vinyl,
Scared To Death Records, 2010

2nd (European) Pressing: 400 Black/100 White
Top 5 Records, 2011


released December 1, 2010

Recorded in Winter 2010 by Jordan Bell
and Alex Thurston at The Depot
Mixed by Jordan Bell at Atomic Audio
Mastered by Dave Williams at Rock Among Us
Layout by Dave Williams


tags: punk Ottawa


all rights reserved
Track Name: Dreamers
Gave it all back
The hollow promise, the tainted water
Blew the flame out
And saw the dimness of the altar

Bade the underworld a final goodbye
Not to kneel or hurl anger at the sky
Wake up dreamers, time’s running dry

You’ve waited long enough
Track Name: Becky
For every filthy word, vision blurred, prayer unheard
For every clouded mind, thought confined, life left behind

For every tear you shamed out of them, a river you will shed
For every fear you drove into them, a river raging red

(We’re making heroes out of warlocks)

We’re tearing you down
Track Name: Gifts
The gifts he's given are not yours to violate
But tools entrusted from above

To raise a pulpit that will loom over the state
A tower to his love

Surrender your divine gifts unto me
True resolve is that we have imposed

Spiritual maxims must govern your actions
To rise beyond those who oppose
Track Name: Beacons
Brightly we burn in the darkness,
To finally stifle this caucus
A choir of voices cascading,
Preying hands impatiently waiting
A beacon cutting though blindness,
To put this sickness behind us
A roar rising through the bleating,
The sound of hopeful hearts beating

Soon they will go where there is no going,
Soon they will know

No longer to sit idly by,
Doors reinforced from the outside
As flame licks rafter, wildly I
Turn my gaze finally toward the sky

A beacon burning in the night,
Familiar cries from the inside
As flame licks rafter, wildly I
Turn my gaze finally toward the sky