The Sun is Down and The Night is Riding In

by Crusades



It’s Alive Records (IAR-56)
Razorcake Records (RZCR-14)
Hardware Records (HWR-031)
Sabotage Records (SABO-45)

1st Pressing (200 on Red Vinyl w/gatefold sleeve,
800 on Black Vinyl w/gatefold sleeve)

2nd Pressing (100 on Smoke-Coloured Vinyl
w/gatefold sleeve, 400 on Black Vinyl w/gatefold sleeve)


released September 1, 2011

Recorded and Mixed in Winter 2011
by Paul “Yogi” Granger at The Meatlocker
Mastered by Dave Williams at Rock Among Us
Layout by Dave Williams


tags: punk Ottawa


all rights reserved
Track Name: Attic
And I’d scream “Lord don’t let him win,
The sun is down and the night is riding in
That train’s on time and my soul is on the line…”

Nights in that attic it was more than just fear
The horned silhouette drawing steadily near
As screams turned to vomit you’d shrug as were taught
While that in the shadows consumed every thought
Track Name: Sacraments
A sacred oath is sworn, allegiance is confirmed
The ever-looming threat of malediction burns
Deep in the mind of so many a frightened child
Plant the weeds, imagination’s running wild

Still it spins in my head
Track Name: Accomplice
Every folded hand now equally to blame
Accomplice to recurring crime
Countless altars dripping blood and shit and shame
Unpunished for the final time

Hands holding so many down, covering so many eyes
While those above sin have forced their way in
Your hands have stifled all their cries
Track Name: Driven
While never truly close, we were hardly very far
Adjacent lovely coffins, only moments in the car
But disease came cloaked in beauty, any weakness it would find
Its wiles, words and symbols slowly crept into your mind

And just where were you driving that night?
And who was there beside you as you drove?
And how could you have been driven to that point?
The truth of that last drive we’ll never know
Track Name: Dreamers
Gave it all back
The hollow promise, the tainted water
Blew the flame out
And saw the dimness of the altar

Bade the underworld a final goodbye
Not to kneel or hurl anger at the sky
Wake up dreamers, time’s running dry

You’ve waited long enough
Track Name: Remedy
The battlefield ever-expanding,
A call from the pulpit to rally the horde
To wage ideological warfare.
The covenant, the sword, and the arm of the Lord

An agenda whose roots are unending,
Unwavering faith, overwhelming accord
A plague spreading still like a wildfire.
The covenant, the sword, and the arm of the Lord

The ashes in their wake black with hypocrisy
His word inspiring only inhumanity
Left rotting through the night in blood-laced misery
(Lex talionis) now the only remedy
Track Name: Rapture
Each and every day as that before it
Dreading what within those walls he’d find
Their open arms would ne’er again be waiting
The rest had gone and left him there behind

Could they have known how far you’d go?
Poured their will right down your throat
Choked away what youth remained
Watched the blood circle the drain

Years spent trying to see through the confusion
Beyond the veil of smoking printed page
Sifting through the words he’d always hung on
For even one that held its salt with age

How could they have let it come to this?
They pressed the blade into your wrist
Bled away what youth remained
Watched the blood circle the drain
Track Name: Serpentine
Turn inward, away from the blinding light
Take up arms in this desperate fight
Consider: forsake the mystery
Be a weapon of inexorable might

Embrace the nature that struggles within
Discard any notion of sin
Loathe any meekness – Scorn any weakness
Trample it all
Shed self-deceit as a serpentine skin
Track Name: Beacons
Brightly we burn in the darkness,
To finally stifle this caucus
A choir of voices cascading,
Preying hands impatiently waiting
A beacon cutting though blindness,
To put this sickness behind us
A roar rising through the bleating,
The sound of hopeful hearts beating

Soon they will go where there is no going,
Soon they will know

No longer to sit idly by,
Doors reinforced from the outside
As flame licks rafter, wildly I
Turn my gaze finally toward the sky

A beacon burning in the night,
Familiar cries from the inside
As flame licks rafter, wildly I
Turn my gaze finally toward the sky
Track Name: Termites
We are the termites in the ark
As the ship sails on into the dark

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